“Play a song for the Lovers, tonight”…

Please welcome my latest guest poet – Doug!

You can read more of his work here:






“One Highland Sprig to Go”

Today the dogs bark loudly
At tattooed patchuli-smelling punks
Who wander around the morning after,
Smelling lilacs. These dudes are hung,
Hangin over testicles a foot or so.

I mean what kind of nonsense
Do I have to spew forth before
You realize that the park is for
Lovers? These boys only love
Themselves. Hung over, yes, hung,

But why must you de-flower lilacs
When so many pretty girls walk
By? Why not use your ugly,
Dull weapon on the general female
Population? Why ruin bushes?

Why not politely ask a girl,
Woman if you prefer that age,
If she would like a coffee, etcetera?
That way you could eat her cake,
And, if lucky, have her too!

That way, you’d get the heck away
From the enticing bushes here
In the park. The park is for lovers,
Not the haters like you. God would you
Please find them some peace, some piece.

If you would like to guest poet, please send photo, words and youtube clip to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


7 responses to ““Play a song for the Lovers, tonight”…

  1. This song and that photograph match so well. Thank you sir! The original poem is set in Highland Park, Rochester NY for the deconstructionists out there. Rochester, where Kodak went bankrupt, Xerox almost did, and Bausch and Lomb also sank. Still, people persist in the six month winter with or without heat.

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