“Feel your attraction again, your instinct can’t be wrong”…

Presenting more words from my much loved guest poet Cate!

I hope you enjoy – Cheers J



He pulls her closer to him
Holds tight to her arms
Memorising the smile in her eyes
Trying to resist her charms
He reaches down to the zip
Of her red velvet coat
Slowly pulling it up over her body
Right up to her throat
He smirks at her bemusement
As she tilts her soft lit face
Pleading him to stay
Needing the heat of the chase
He shakes his head profusely
Taking her in his arms again
He holds tight in embrace
Warming her shivering frame
He releases her slowly
She laughs, teases having her fun
Cutting through friction coursing
So evident between them
He falls under her spell
An addiction settles easy within
Futile to deny any feeling
She wins him all over again
He stands closer still
As rain begins to fall
Each breathing on moist skin
Accepting the devil’s call.
He holds her cold hands
Soothing stokes to calm her
Places them on heated cheeks
He allows her to become his cure
He knows he should go
Enforces the point kindly
Under street light she’s too inviting
Persuaded, he stays blindly
Enjoying freely times like these
Coming alive at her unique touch
Sometimes in awe of her presence
Knowing they need each other much
He keeps quiet for a moment
She stills as he studies her
In their own private universe
Their connection stirs
He reflects in her warmth
Beginning not to want to let go
She will have her way
Many more times he does know
He kisses her gently
Lips revealing more than they should
They hold and let go
Resigned to being good
He takes a hand
Clasps it so tight
Winks a knowing smile at her
Turns heel and bids goodnight.


If you would like to guest poet, please email photo, words and youtube clip to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk

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