“Please help me mend, my broken heart”…



My lips are moving
But the words aren’t mine…
Never speaking the truth
Telling them I’m FINE
And making them believe…
All is well in my world
That the sun is shining
And the flags are unfurled…
With wind gently blowing
The birds and the bees…
And branches are swaying
On the blossoming trees
But if they scratched the surface…
They may actually find…
This mask that I’m wearing…
Has the real me behind
Desperately hiding
Trying not to show
The outside world
What’s going on below
The painful existence
Of this damned cruel life
Where nothing is simple…
And everything has a price…
Because when she left
She just took it all
Left me broken hearted…
Made me fucking crawl…
And everything I lived for
Just simply faded away
Leaving my mind numb…
Day after day after day
But I learnt to exist
From behind a smile
So nobody can see
My life isn’t worthwhile…
As my lips keep moving
But I’m not who they see…
They can’t see the truth
Or see the real me…


19 responses to ““Please help me mend, my broken heart”…

    • Thanks for your words Lily – if you read the “whats it all about” page you will gain an insight to my writing, its not all fact and seldom happy – thats not my style sadly! Hope you find other writings of interest – Cheers J

  1. I am currently keeping my head above water and don’t feel as though I’m drowning but life can be so bloody difficult at times. Wonderful imagery and an accurate portrays of too many of my days of late. Thanks.

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