“Going underground”…

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Searching for love,
deep underground…

Where nobody speaks,
or makes a sound…

Just looking for signs,
across the way…

Or body language,
with something to say…

Showing some interest,
perhaps just a smile…

And capture a glimpse,
that lasts for a while…

Creating a memory and
filling the hole…

That exists within,
each poor tortured soul…

Who dare not speak,
or express their desire…

Meaning most flirtations,
will always misfire…

And end in moments,
of pitiful regret…

The day their challenge,
refused to be met…

And the courage needed,
just to say hello…

Was found wanting,
by the reluctant hero…

Walking away with,
the spirit of the stairs…

Wondering what could have been,
had it been more than stares…

Before the next journey and
a new smiling face…

Could this be the moment,
they win Cupid’s race…

As they search for love,
deep underground…

Where nobody speaks,
or makes a sound…


14 responses to ““Going underground”…

  1. Eying
    the vantage point
    connects selves and splits
    fake intentions
    to their root.

    patch costumes;
    turns of phrase
    feed fear food.

    Exposed and alone,
    the child waits, prone,
    eager to trust,
    but easily hurt.

    In time,
    a bond is made,
    and soft as dirt.

  2. There once was a poem,
    So beautiful and sad
    That it brought honest tears in her eyes,
    And brought back a smile she didn’t think she still had.

    As she read line after line,
    While tears rolled down her cheeks
    She couldn’t help laughing,
    It was the most sound she made in weeks.

    Laughing out of sadness,
    Underneath a weak mask of smiles
    Her rapidly beating heart slowing down,
    As if she could finally pause after she’d run for miles.

    Because there was that lost feeling again,
    But there were people who understood
    Who just like her,
    Didn’t know where in this world they exactly stood.

    *It was an amazing and beautiful poem.
    You write beautifully and i’m a huge fan. I hope one day I can wtite poems at the amazing niveau that you write.

    -A Fan

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