“I’ve shivers down my spine and it feels divine”…

When Florence very kindly nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award, I was humbled. However, I am not good at following the rules for these type of awards, so instead, I asked Florence to be a guest poet here.

I am thrilled that she agreed and I hope you enjoy the below as much as I did!



This is home

Unsure of her reception
Despite an invitation
She steps across the threshold
Into her fantasy
And she waits.

Lifting the sheet that covers her
He lays himself down beside her
His Beautiful Sexy
Tucking his knees behind hers
Inhaling the sweet scent of long dark hair.

‘This is home’
As she turns around
Lowering his mouth deliberately
Uncertain, allowing her refusal
She instead returns his kiss, passionately.

He removes her shift
The only barrier between them
Exploring her with hands, mouths, fingers
She surrenders to him
To his ministrations.

Trailing down her body
He explores the mysteries
He has thus far imagined
Bringing her to the edge
Of her desires, time after time.

Each time stopping just before
To whisper endearments
She presses his head closer
He holds her tight
In his battle for control

He rises
He slides inside her
Moving gently, slowly
Feeling her desires
Within every fibre of her being

And when he can no longer contain
His need for her
He listens to her body
Announcing her imminent climax
He finally surrenders all he is.

Caressing her curves
He draws her body and soul
Into himself
He vows to not betray
Their moment of grace.

There in the safety
And intimacy of their moment
He at last finds
His hope for a future he’d forgotten
He at last finds peace.

– FlorenceT

© Copyright reserved 2014. The author reserves all moral and legal rights to this work.


If you would like to guest poet, please email photo, words and a youtube song to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk

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