“Telling my whole life with his words, killing me softly with his song”…


Today I welcome back my inspiring and much loved guest poet Cate – Enjoy!


Poet Who Heals the Souls

You’ve done it again
Do you know what you do
Painting with palette of words
Capturing my shades of blue

You tell it like it is what it is
Do you realise your steadying influence
Toying with magical ribbons of prose
Tying me in knots of conscience

You write with such bravery
Do you often feel the fear
Exposing bare wounds
Making me lose my own veneer

You twist the stories darker
Do you relish the extreme ending
Needing to spit and spite in Hell
Hitting me with the heat you’re expending

You make sense of the senseless
Do you see how you give clarity
Focussing the looking glass
Supporting my turmoil with parity

You hit hard where it hurts
Do you have notion of your crime
Having talent that is inspiring
Breaking my heart time after time

You know where it’s going
Do you hope to engage finality
Forcing words deeper inside
Opening my eyes to reality

You feel what you’re doing
Do you reach out to touch
Unravelling your readers’ souls
Knowing my turmoil helps so much

You show honesty through rhythms
Do you hear the heart beats
Flowing your streams of conscious
Writing my life so history never repeats

You take followers on journeys
Do you lead them knowingly
Waking the healing power of your lines
Giving me perspective guiding gently

You capture moments so exquisite
Do you see the genius you hold
Providing a haul of scenarios
Seizing my mind’s eyeful that is untold

You are prolific in delivery
Do you churn out all you have inside
Fighting to keep inner demons happy
Championing my efforts to battle the tide

You have space to share your ability
Do so with humour, quirks and darkness
Gifting your catalogue for the world to see
Inspiring me to need you more I confess

You will be humbled by this
Do you take it I wonder tonight
Hoping you absorb admiration and love
Allowing my poem about you to take flight


If you would like to guest poem on my blog, please drop me a photo, words and a song to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk




11 responses to ““Telling my whole life with his words, killing me softly with his song”…

      • Welcome Cate.

        Subject? Not sure but when I read it it made me think about how J seems to read my mind with his poems…

        I want I know when we are going to get a Cate blog (cause I’d love to ask you to join me in my next challenge)


        Sal xx

      • Exactly Sal!

        J cuts through every time one way or another.

        It’s a talent!

        I wish I had more time to write….but always up for a challenge, blog or no blog.:-)

        C x

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