“Love..Thy Will Be Done”…


Today I welcome a new Guest Poet! This is Kavitha’s work and I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


I have travelled this lonely path for such a long time;
In my life, so many people come and go, for no reason of rhyme.
The life I see for my future is to love all those who come to me;
But yet no one there to love me back in the same manner, or to even understand my plea.
Every night, as I pray;
I think of all the pain, I felt of that day;
The pain of my father;
Pain of my mother;
That of my Little Brother…
Of those that are close and dear;
And even of whom I just met for the moment, whose story brought to my eye, a tear.
And after I finish my prayers for the night;
I lay in my bed wondering if anyone else prays for me, as I do of them, with all their might.

This road that I travel is windy and long;
Full of tumbleweed and silence that is so deafening and strong.
The silence has always been a bothersome force;
Hence I fill my silence with a song and writing, noise of an expressive source;
Daydreaming of far away lands…
With emotions that are strong with passion and gentle touches of a friend’s hands.
Dreams of never allowing anyone else to feel the very same depths of my pain;
Of no one understanding you…leaving loneliness so deep that it will of your heart, stain.
The lives of all those around you;
Will move on, bringing into their lives things that are new;
Often making me wonder, when am I for all that, due.
Walking on this path, all alone;
Constantly seeking if anyone will walk, willingly, into my zone.
God, I will endure anything You ask of me;
I will do it willingly and with shouts of glee.
It is heard for me to grasp why people do not see what I see;
As a result, very few travel the lonely path that can ultimately set you free.
I may never find the same love that I so freely give;
And am preparing myself to walking on this lonely path, as long as I live.
Maybe this is what is required of my life;
To have life experiences that cut my heart like a knife.
In order to love those with so much strife;
And for them to walk away when all is better in their life…
Leaving me so cold…
As if my love was sold…
I fall to my knees, tears endlessly falling to the ground;
Holding a hand bur for comfort and to understand…but none to be found.
On this endless road of loneliness, I form a river with my tears;
Constantly, despite my own, of others’ pain my heart follows and hears;
To them I solely tend;
Despite of my own heart’s need for itself to mend.


You can read more of Kavitha’s work on http://www.foodforthespiritualsoul.wordpress.com/

If you would like a guest poet slot, drop me your words, a photo and a song from youtube to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


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