“Don’t say a prayer for me now, save it ’til the morning after”…


Thrilled that my cheeky little guest writer Cate has penned more words…


Scorpion’s Tail

Stung by the scorpion’s tail
My equine power not flighty enough
Left in shock and pale
Your delicious poison took its hold
And I revel in the inner glow
My bow bends
The arrow turns on its head
Struck again
My veins run strong with you inside
Don’t make me bleed is all I plea
The desert holds no prisoners
But I know that the captured one is me

Lust is such the fearful sin
My resistance is not enough to hold back
Left with no option but to begin
Ignited by the stirring desires
And the baring of hot skin and flesh
My spine arches
The stairs that lead to ecstasy
Stroke again
My layers are absorbing you in
Don’t flee this feeling while we are two
No wounding that cannot be healed
Curved tail hooks me with wanting from you

Trapped in a corner of my mind
My sanity is no longer mine to control
Left in your hands the power is yours I find
Games of deception and truths untold
And thoughts of each other’s needs exposed
My skin itches
The burn remains deliciously addictive
Scratch again
My whole being crying for you to touch
Don’t hold back words of temptation
The sands of time run faster now
Propel us towards no sign of redemption


Want to be a guest poet? Email poem,photo and song choice to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


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