6 responses to ““Big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York”…

  1. Beautiful. You made me feel at home. I’m from New York City and sometimes, I really miss those lights, the tall buildings, and the busy work days. New York alwaysakes me feel like I was alive. At a time when I wonder if I still am, alive that is, you come along to remind me that I am! Thank you!

      • Hi Tricia – no apology required – thanks for taking the time to comment – NYC was amazing, I had a blast! The people were so nice, nothing was too much trouble and the only thing I learned was “nothing’s for free” – which made me smile -I may read too much into your words, but I hope all is ok at this time and I also hope you find other things of interest within my pages! Cheers J

      • Thank you – we took time to pay our respects to the lost at Ground Zero. It is a fitting memorial to their memories and a show of strength and hope to the world. Cheers J

      • You are ver welcome. I hope to get to Ground Zero in 2015. As you may already know, it’s a highly emotional experience. I used to work there. My mother was trapped in her building for 45 minutes. I lost friends and colleagues in the attack. I appreciate your kind words and sincerity regarding the memorial.

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