Toot-Toot Blog Tour Coming Through

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Thank you to the wonderful Wet Bliss for inviting me to join her blog tour, I appreciate it so much. (And the title made me giggle some what).

So how does it work? Well it’s simple, I have to answer four questions, which will appear below, about myself. I will post the answers on my blog and then invite 2 or 3 others that I admire to join in the fun and provide links to their blogs in my post.

Sounds easy enough but before I do that I have to say that although this isn’t my first tour as I was involved in quite a few on my old blog, it is my first on this one. now I haven’t had this blog open that long but I’ve been surprised by the amount of my old followers that have reappeared and followed this blog. I’m humbled and completely grateful to you all…

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