“Restless tonight, ‘Cause I wasted the light”…


Today I welcome back my guest poet Emma for more words, picture and song choice!

I turn on a dime
so take your time…
I feign forgiveness
with my bountiful love…

All cattiness aside
why don’t you just slide
on out of the picture
on a bet…

I’ve lost my youth
living proof…
Mistrodden steps
leave no regrets…


Trapped somewhere
between right and wrong…
I’d throw it all away
for a song…

The reasons are piling up,
seems no hope left inside…
You’re in a dark corner
in the recesses of time…

Yes, I’m afraid I understand…
It’s more than just one thing…


More of Emma’s work can be found here: http://emma1951.wordpress.com/

If you want to guest poet on this blog, send photo, song choice and words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


2 responses to ““Restless tonight, ‘Cause I wasted the light”…

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