“I can hold my breath, I can bite my tongue”…


Yes, she’s back – more words and another song choice from my much loved guest writer Cate…


Tap Tap Tap…..

You’re a drug
I’m tapping my arm in anticipation
Also my action to stop this compulsion
Trying to stall rejection
I’m an anonymous addict
You my drug

I can’t get enough
I’m craving your touch in isolation
Also my way to hold on to prevention
Trying to wrestle preservation
I have an endless wanting
You my drug

I don’t hold back
I’m opening body and mind in drowsy titillation
Also my way to lose inhibition
Trying to justify a lack of vision
I’ve closed eyes wide open
You my drug

I can’t stop grazing
I’m giving in to ‘eat me’ temptation
Also my crawl into sweet sensation
Trying to tumble into a hole of oblivion
I’ve slipped and relapsed
You my drug

I can’t halt contact
I’m needing to provoke a reaction
Also opportunity for full interaction
Trying to elicit your inner intervention
I’ll deny in whispers or louder
You my drug

I won’t wait now
I’m urging your willingness for satisfaction
Also to hear of your constant attraction
Trying to force not words but action
I’m ready for venomous reality to bite
You my drug

I have you here
I’m allowing us time for seduction
Also my chance for demonstration
Trying to clamber to a higher elevation
I’m not letting go this time
You my drug

I grip you tighter
I feel the need for completion
Also our keeping up the pretension 
Trying to believe in an eternal connection
I confess for nirvana 
You my drug



7 responses to ““I can hold my breath, I can bite my tongue”…

  1. Yay! This is fabulous as always from the wonderful Cate, please pass on my praise to her from me J

    S xx

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