5 responses to ““I dream at night, I can only see your face”…

  1. She is beauty, she is bitch
    Rolled into one
    Nobody can twitch
    But only his gun! 😉

    Very nice imagination and ending J! 😉

  2. H!, I need to read more of your Blog’s–so far–I see very little commercials in your voice of words–the words and the intent–is deep with in you–life can be full of (distractions) commercials. I, am looking forward in reading–more of your writting, Thank You Lord. P.S Cancer–tell me more

  3. H! Life is and can be a roller coaster. especially when its your soul mate. We never ever let her or me lose Hope–because of terminal cancer–Hope gave us–9 months–cancer free. Many, Many, thanks for your reply’s, thank you for listening Thank You Lord.

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