“No, maybe I’ll just get drunk and it will all make sense”…

Jimmy Carr, Phil Jupitus, 2014, Moaning, Sambuca and Twitter…

So, a quick round up as to where I am at, where I have been and what I have seen. There has been so much happening, not sure where to start, so I will begin with Jimmy Carr.

“I would rather stick pins into my eyes that be in a room with Jimmy Carr” or words to that effect was the text I received on the day of the show. My Frenz Suzie was clearly quite restrained on her thoughts of the man. However, I was looking forward to it and the show was pretty much as expected.

If you can think of the most offensive way to spend an evening, joking about Sex, Race, Religion, you name it, Carr nailed it. It was wrong on so many levels, but I guess that is part of the attraction. Add into the mix attending with a couple of friends who are quite… prudish – it made for a fun night.

The show was mainly stand up one liners, but a lot of audience participation and he even got people up on stage at one point to act out a very rude sitcom script that he had written. Suffice to say, it won’t be aired on the BBC anytime soon! But it was a very funny night and I would really recommend if you get the chance to see him.

Not long after Jimmy, I found myself 3 rows away from Phil Jupitus. I was expecting another stand up show, however this was anything but. Split into 3 sections, Jupitus came on stage as 3 characters, with the premise of the show being that the audience asked questions and he made up stuff as he went.

Now, this was a brave idea, because clearly, a stand up show is well crafted and the jokes are honed to hit the spot – But ad hoc answers to random questions and make them funny – well they can be hit and miss. So it proved on the night – Jupitus is good, very good, but not everything had the audience rolling in the isles.

His first character was a dead actor, the second a dead U boat German and the 3rd a dead Phil Jupitus from the future. I was brave enough to ask 2 questions, for which we got entertaining answers – I asked the German if he had met Hitler and then asked Jupitus what happened to Simon Cowell in the future.

My next 2 “Forty for Forty” hit this week, as Ollie and I see Tom Odell in Leeds, before seeing Nina Conti on Thursday. There will then be a break before the long awaited trip to London for Nick Cave. Words cannot describe how much I am looking forward to that.

I have also added my first 2014 gig to the list. After failing to get Glastonbury tickets, Franz Ferdinand are now booked in for next year. I am really looking forward to seeing them – there is a link with Glastonbury there as I saw their debut at the festival on my first visit.

As I said, I failed on 2014 Glastonbury tickets and it appears to have triggered my 40 year old moaning side. I am moaning about a few things and this weekend, I found myself in Nottingham with a friend. Stop moaning – he said – and drink.

Now, I have not drunk alcohol for a long long time, for various reasons, but Saturday was a bit of a watershed. Or a blow-out. Or, well, however you want to see it. Cocktails, Vodka and more Sambuca shots than was good for me – one good friend says she may have died if drinking so many shots – it left me ill.

It was a contrasting feeling, because from what I can recall for the most part, I reconnected with why I used to love getting drunk. Had I stopped at a point in time on the night, it could have been memorable for different reasons. Sadly, the shots killed that thought.

I always was a lightweight drinker. I could never deny that fact. Vodka had a way of infecting me and leaving the night before in a blur. That’s not always a good thing, or perhaps it is / was. Perhaps it was more a defence mechanism. The intoxicated versions of ourselves seldom do us proud.

Sick, ill, feeling sorry for myself.  No better reason to moan really and even if it was self-inflicted, then I reserve the right to moan about it! And what better place to do that than Twitter. Such a strange place. Think it, Type it, Tweet it.

Although I am becoming bored of the medium, a bit like I did with Facebook. Whilst Facebook became mind-numbing, Twitter hasn’t reached that point just yet. It is great for keeping up to date with news, but the amount of trolls and spam is becoming a bore. Still, it helps with tickets and I should be thankful I suppose.

However, if you Tweet, feel free to leave your twitter name on the comment for a follow. Now, I don’t think this ramble can be classed as moaning – or is it? I wouldn’t know, you let it show. So, will leave you with this from Tom Odell.

Young Ollie has been playing him repeatedly, will do a full review when I find time, in the meantime, this is the beautiful and haunting “Sense”


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