“Seeing a light, A face in the crowd”…

Cabaret – Bradford


So, my birthday week is at an end. I am now Forty and officially on my way to half a century walking this Earth. It’s been quite a week of celebrations, some unexpected and some requested.

I have been spoiled from those around me and it has been quite overwhelming in some ways. In others, I wonder why reaching this milestone has not really stirred me and had me shouting from the roof tops – it’s left me quite unmoved, but that’s a box left locked.

As is the box that had a quiet nod to the dearly departed. To acknowledge that side was to remember my year so far and a lot of it, I am trying hard to forget. That may sound harsh, but for me, it’s the only way.

Anyway, in the mix of gifts came signed memorabilia from Mr Finn – an amazing surprise and the much requested and desired hot air balloon ride, which I am so very much looking forward to.

I can now rest easy that it’s all over and begin to get back to real life – which should not be difficult. However, the week ended with a trip to see Will Young’s Cabaret in Bradford.

This was the same place I had a magical and fascinating night with Derran Brown in what seems such a long time ago now. In fact, so long ago, I can barely remember too much about the night, other than the ending.

The Alhambra is a fine theatre, yet it finds itself in Bradford, which would be the first to admit that it wasn’t the most salubrious of cities. The splendour inside the venue almost feels too out of place.

I had no idea of what to expect from this musical. I knew Will Young was getting rave reviews and I knew that there may be scantily clad women. Well, there was both and neither disappointed.

The back drop to the story was pre Nazi Germany and you were enticed into the KitKat club very gently at first, before being hit full in the face with a dazzling dancing ensemble.

The half-naked women in stockings, suspenders, high heels. The half-naked men in little more than leather shorts. The bright lights, the smell of sex and drugs, the lust that fuelled them. It was a club I would like to find.

Will Young played the sinister Emcee – with a white painted face and he played it remarkably well. So much so, that I would think any other part would be difficult for him to play now. Forget any preconceptions of Young the singer or Pop idol – this was a genius at work.

Young lit up the stage and memorised whenever in view. The way he played the part suggested it may have been written for him, but I have not seen the film, so that would be a guess. It was quite a fast paced show and the songs were really well sung.

I didn’t know too many, but even the ones I didn’t know were written well enough to captivate. There was a sub plot, and you can read it all here – there is no point me reproducing – however, it was the KitkKat club scenes that entranced.

Over the course of the show, the heavier side of the plot was uncomfortable at times. The undertones in how the Nazi party went about their business and began to ruin lives before coming into power was hard to watch.

The ending was even worse, depicting the Nazis in power, culminating with every actor naked (Inc Young) and depicting a gas chamber scene – it left the audience in total silence. This was not your normal feel good factor show, but it was quite brilliant and I am so glad to have witnessed it.

So, my Forty for Forty moves on to next week and a quite packed October. Jimmy Carr, Nina Conti, Phil Jupitus, Tom Odell and Nick Cave all await my presence. I will not have time to write them all up, so prepare for selected highlights!

To end this ramble, I couldn’t find anything suitable from the show, so I think you will have to find your own on youtube – and I would not normally infect your ears with Will Young’s music – however, I do like this track and actually wish I had written it – so forgive me. This is “Jealousy”.


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