“Sitting at the Doctor, I don’t believe a thing that he says”…

Doctor Who, What and Why…

So, in the UK there has only been one thing on millions of people’s minds recently and that is who will be the new Doctor Who. I have to admit, I got caught up in it too and not just because young Ollie is obsessed. I love watching the show too and have done since I was a kid.


Perhaps the BBC made too much out of it this time by announcing the news in a one off special. However I can’t deny the show has a certain charm and manages to keep reinventing itself season after season, year after year. The 50th anniversary is coming up and that’s a heck of a stint for a TV show.

However, it wasn’t the only doctor on my mind recently. As some may recall, or may have read here – the last 18 or so months have been pretty tough for me in one way shape or form.  One of the outputs of this was a suspected stomach ulcer.

So for at least 8 months that’s how they have been treating me, taking tablets and trying to watch what I eat. However around July, things got a tad worse and resulted in my going back to talk to the Doctor. My local Doctor, not Doctor Who sadly.

We agreed that I would need a camera sent into my stomach to check it all out and during quite a traumatic few days last week, I had the procedure done. It was all quite amusing as I chose to be sedated.

The sedative was a low dose apparently and I was told I would be awake at all times – however within seconds of the stuff going in me I was out for the count. I don’t remember a thing. Which is not a bad thing all considered.

So the good news is, well I have no ulcer, no infection and certainly no stomach cancer. Great news, except my symptoms are still on-going and here in lies the issue. Over the last few visits to the Doctor, I have not seen the same one twice.

In fact, I have had a range of people prod, poke and basically guess what’s up with me. It got to the point that I had to agree with Liam Finn who you will hear soon, that I didn’t believe a word that they said. So I googled.

Googling medical issues is the scariest thing in the world. I have to say, the interweb is a wonderful place for all sorts of things, but look at what could be wrong with you and you are essentially a dead man walking. After reading some of the shite on there, I could have every disease known to man.

Note the word “could”. Anyway,  I narrowed it down and took some suggestions to the next Doctor – not the next Doctor Who – and at this point the joke is wearing thin, but come on, I am not even getting to see the gorgeous Amy Pond or the impossibly sexy Clara Oswald.



At this point, I should be honest and point out that for a long time, I had a secret lust and crush on Amy Pond. However, Clara has since over taken her — to the point that I really only watched the last season because of her. And when she wore tartan in the last episode….well…. too much – OK back to the point.

Now, this bit would be funny if it wasn’t true, but as I was talking to this young version of a Doctor and going through symptoms and what it could be – do you know what he did – in front of me….

He Googled…

OK, so I had bloods taken – all normal and I am going for a scan but the fact remains, I went to a Doctor and the Doctor googled my symptoms. Am I the only one thinking that this is a tad weird – if that’s all you have to do – I am changing jobs!

Anyway, I will keep you posted. It could be that I am fit and fine, but stress is beginning to tell. It remains a strange world that I live and work in, even if it is not as intense as 3 months ago. I am in need of distractions and am away for a week in the USA next week before my next gig.

So, there will be limited rambles on this blog for a while. In the meantime, I leave you with the amazing Liam Finn and “Better to Be”. The more I look around the music scene, the more I scratch my head that Liam is not blazing a trail. His time will most certainly come.


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