“Who get lost when the Sun goes down”…

Forty for Forty…

So, a quick update. It seems an age since HardRock Calling and my last gig. A planned trip to theatre land didn’t pan out at the weekend, so it meant my total remained frozen. So far I have attended 16, with 7 pre: booked.

This gives me a 23 for the year and way short of the required 40. However, the exciting news is that I have added another date to the list. The super cool David Byrne is playing only 2 shows in the UK – London and Birmingham.

So I am sneaking to Birmingham to see him play the Symphony Hall, which is a venue I have always wanted to attend, but never been. It certainly has to be more glamorous than the last place I went to a gig in this city – namely the Glee Club.

As my 40th hits in September (25th for those wanting to join my celebrations!) then there is clearly no chance of hitting the required 40 events this year. So it is with much regret and a heavy heart that I am going to have to…. Extend this into 2014 !

Yes, I have the green light to keep on gigging and with much arm twisting, I have accepted the challenge. So, this quest has to be complete before I am 41. This now takes off a lot of pressure, because it means I don’t have to book gigs just for the sake of it.

So, upcoming are David Byrne, the amazing Justin Currie. The super young and handsome Tom Odell. Then I go on a comedy binge, with the astounding Nina Conti  before Phil Jupitus and Jimmy Carr are unleashed on me.

The jewel in the crown remains my solo trip to see Nick Cave in London and words can’t explain just how much I am looking forward to that. The last of my currently booked is the little known Kurt Vile and have decided to do that one cold and not research.

However, one I do not need to research is David Byrne. If I am this cool in my 60’s, I will be one very happy man and with the added bonus of the sultry St Vincent with him, what more could a Yorkshire man want for the evening.

Oh, one final thing in response to a couple of lovely emails. (you can email me at jamieblog2013@hotmail.co.uk anytime about anything) – but please read the “what’s it all about” page with regard to the poetry on here. My words and the songs connect. That connection is mine. Any interpretation is yours.

Right, update over; Leave you with the aforementioned Byrne and St Vincent and “Who”.


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