“Youth is wasted on the young”…

London, Birthdays and Spam…

It’s Wednesday already and time is really flying past at the moment. Feels an age since our “Dad and Lad” trip to London at the weekend. It was nice to get some time with Ollie down there. It was nice to try and inject some of my excitement and passion for the city into him.

Despite soaring temperatures, I think it went well. He is asking to go again and for longer, which must be a good sign. We managed to cram a lot in, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly, Chinatown, Westminster, the Tower of London. All the usual places and indeed the newly built Shard. Although I couldn’t quite bring myself to pay for us to go up it, it was enough to stand beneath it.

Such an impressive monument to modern architecture, it pierces the London skyline like nothing else! I promised him that “at some point” we would go up, but that could be a long time away. We left London with heavy hearts on the Saturday night and on Sunday headed for a friends birthday party. Well, party for his son. It was nice, not as bad as I expected and good to catch up with people.

It was quite apt that the week started with a birthday, as it will end with one too. Young Ollie is 12 on Saturday. He was a Friday the 13th child, so it’s our lucky number. He loves the fact he was born on the most unluckiest day of the year. I think he feels cool, or different. He always makes a point of it when his mates are around.

I still struggle to see where the time has gone. I am sure all parents feel the same. But I can only just remember him being born. Well, I remember pissing about and trying the gas and air. I also remember the midwife telling me to come and look when his head popped out. Advice to all fathers to be reading – avoid like the plague. It will scar you for life!

Anyway, yes. 12 years old. For the most part of that, I have either been nappy changing, feeding him or being Dads taxi – which of course is my current role. Whilst I have enjoyed a certain about of selfish extra freedom with my Forty quest, I am still chained to the taxi duty. The lad has a better social life than I could dream of! Hopefully this weekend will go to plan, he will get a long converted tropical fish for his gift – see how long that survives!

One last topic on this ramble is spam! WordPress spam in the comments section – I can’t be the only one who gets these weird and wonderful words. Most of the time my spam filter gets them, but I read them and think I should let them through. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to get these on my site. Some are superbly constructed nonsense! Some are just utterly bizarre!

Following on from that is the email spam I now get on the blog email. I feel bad that I haven’t replied to “Zara” – she told me that I was the only man for her and promised me sexual favours that made my eyes light up – if I helped her . Or to Miss Dannila Romeo – Who doesn’t know me but trusts enough me to propose sending me her fathers embezzled 19 Million dollars before her wicked uncle gets hold of it!

There are many more – all so creative – yet I do wonder – what is the point? I know there was a book called the “Yes Man” – whereby the author just replied “yes” to every email he got- be it spam or real – but that really was the exception – I just can’t see what people gain from this type of spam. Fishing emails I see – some people are really stupid sometimes and I guess there is a gain to be had.

Anyway, ramble over and a closer for today is this song from Robbie Williams. It was one of a number of good ones around the time Ollie was born. This is “Eternity” which starts out like a soft porn film with a stunning leading lady! I have to admit, Robbie was pretty hot back then too. But back to that leading lady…


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