“No I haven’t got the answer”…


This ramble begins with an apology.

The lovely Nina –Words that Flow Like Water  nominated me for a “Very Inspiring Blog” award – To be honest, I was really touched and uncomfortable at the thought, given that I clearly don’t view what is put on here through the same lens as others.

I also admit to the fact that I wasn’t overly sure what to do – anyway, upon further inspection, there were rules surrounding it and I was never really good at following rules. So I will simply thank Nina again for the kind thought and encourage you to check out her stuff – and her art – which I was kindly permitted to use here – Fall at your Feet 

I love reading others blogs on wordpress, I have mentioned it before –there are so many out there – some I read once or twice and get a lot out of the experience – some, like Stevehi  have become infectious – but to try adding links and think about all my preferences will be time consuming and offensive to those I inadvertently miss.

So, thank you for the thought Nina – I am humbled that you and any of the people reading keep coming back.

Between home, work, gigs and everything else life is throwing at me, I don’t seem to have too much time on my hands at the moment. I always was determined to have a balanced work / life – but that’s proving to be a challenge for me.

Partly to blame is the situation with my mothers house fire – but honestly the main part has been the gigs – but – and this will sound so very selfish – I wouldn’t change that at the moment. The gigs have become my oasis, my break from the reality of life. I leave everyone and everything behind for those few hours and I can just detach.

There are no dependencies. The timescales (other than the gig times) are set by me and I have to admit, it’s a new found sense of freedom that I have become thankful of. Others get the invite – nothing has been undertaken in isolation – and if the invite is accepted or not, either way it’s bloody enjoyable.

But it has taken till nearly 40 years old to realise I can spend time alone and actually enjoy it. You see, I have always been the extrovert type – the annoying one in the room who craved the limelight – people who know me will attest to the fact that I like the sound of my voice – I think I have that talents of a stand-up comedian and I will talk to anyone about almost anything.

I never really wanted to spend time alone – it wasn’t anything I craved for or desired. Now though, I am changing. And change is good right? I’m not blinking twice at the thought of doing things alone. Not worried about not having anyone to talk to.

Now I am not saying that I suddenly want to close up and become a recluse – though my missus may like that idea sometimes – but perhaps I am finding some personal balance – maybe drawn from the experiences of the last 18 months. And to be honest – that’s what life is all about right – finding that balance.

My dad would perhaps have said that I am finally “growing up” – and whatever that is – I really don’t want to do that quite yet – I hope there will plenty of time to grow up – and become old and boring. There will be a time – it sneaks up on us all! And after finally securing a Nick Cave ticket for London, I don’t want to be becoming Mr Boring with that trip to plan – and in the city I love – alone!

On that note – another ramble comes to an end. Totally unconnected song to close – Young Ollie has been ill with tonsillitis – So this wonderful song from the talented Liam Finn is for my boy.


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