“Let me know the wonder of all of you”…

Derren Brown – Bradford.

So, after a sun kissed break in Lisbon – disturbed by the news that my mother had managed to destroy her kitchen with a chip pan fire – yes, people still use chip pans in this day and age – this was a quick chance to nip out of reality.

Another on the Forty for Forty quest, this was something I was really looking forward to, but had no idea what to expect. Brown has become a massive star over the time I have been watching him on TV.

He is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he fascinates me. He is clever, witty and funny – but most of all, he is clear and upfront about what he does. There is no magic to what he does, he is not in touch with spirits and he is not a fraud.

Instead, he can and does explain everything – well most things – with Hypnosis, slight of hand, mind control, memory tricks and body language. I have of course seen him do all these things on TV and thought – yeah, stooges or tv trickery.

The first time I saw him, he was playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun and a random person putting the bullet in the chamber – when he pulled the trigger against his head a few times, nothing happened, but then the final shot after he aimed away from his head was the bullet.

It was gripping TV and I have kept tabs on him since. So the chance to see him live was too good to pass up, even if no one else really fancied the trip. Due to being alone though, it gave me the freedom to do as I wanted and the afternoon was mainly killed in the fantastic National media museum.

I am limited as to what I can say about the show itself as we have been asked to keep it secret as to not spoil for others. Am happy with that – but what I can say is this – Browns on stage persona is as engaging as it seems on TV – you cannot take your eyes off him.

His accuracy for most of the tricks was astounding. So much so, the cynics would believe that each one was set up and the person paid – not sure how given the Frisbee throwing picked people at random – or did it – that’s how it appeared.

His final act was done in 7 minutes and left you simply marveling at the man’s mental brilliance – I will deffo try to see him again at some point. It would have been interesting to see more than one show, just to see if the answers were different – but perhaps that would indeed spoil the magic.

So the Forty for Forty quest ramps up this next 2 to 3 weeks, with Ed Harcourt, Bon Jovi, KT turnstall and Viva Forever all awaiting my company. In the meantime, there could really be only one tune to accompany this ramble – Barry Manilow – Could It be Magic.

And if you are surprised at this, then you have not read this post : The Music of my Life (ish).



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