“Tales from my head, can’t buy the book”…

Another week flashes past – Not too sure where all my time is going at the moment. Between work and family, my life force just seems to get drained and whereas I used to be adapt at surfing the virtual world till late in the night, I now find myself collapsing well before the witching hour.

I guess that’s not really a bad thing, given I went through a phase of not falling into bed till the early hours and then suffering from a torrid dreamscape that felt like it belonged to someone else. Those dreams appear to have now stopped, replaced by Blackness and the kind of occasional interesting ones.

Another drain on my time is an offshoot of my Forty for Forty project. Initially this was all about the music, but now it has become about the words as well. I feel strange about it all really, but I made a conscious decision a while back for nobody who really knows me to read this blog.

I am honored that you, dear reader, are along for the ride – and the 115 random strangers who have followed me really humbles me beyond words. Yet strange as it sounds, I keep these words divorced from my day to day reality – with the odd exception – so even my closest family are unaware of this side line.

Well, that may change, as I have realised that this blog now contains just about 40 pieces of poetry. Apt given my age, but unintentional none the less. Now, I was thinking about legacies recently and wondering what mine will be. Clearly, young Ollie will be my main one, but I have nothing else that’s tangible.

I hope that my main legacy will be the impact I have had on other people and they will remember me, how they will speak about me. That’s something I can’t control though, so back to the poems. These are very personal, but I think the time is right to collate them as a body of work. Not to be celebrated, not for vanity or ego stroking, though I am sure I could be accused of that on some level.

But rather – and I am embarrassed to admit this – something for me to leave. So I am putting them into a book – nothing flash, self-published on the Lulu website and just 1 copy to start with. I then have the option to sell copies, but would rather figure out a way to get donations for Cancer Research rather than profit. Time will tell and 1 step at a time.

So I have had a crash course in fonts, formats, sanity checks, running orders, introductions and writing things about me and the words I write that push me far outside my comfort zone – oh and a new software that drives my up the wall – all I can say is thank the lord this isn’t a 600 page novel! It could put you off being a writer for life.

Thanks for your patience as another ramble comes to an end – for you this Sunday night, we are back to Mr Finn and the remarkable “Try Whistling This”– who knows, if things go better than expected, perhaps you CAN buy the book one day!


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