“I would never pull the trigger, but I’ve cried wolf a thousand times”…

Pink – Manchester…

I have written before about the reasons for lack of female music on my ramblings – you can read that here if you want  – so I won’t go over old ground, but suffice to say, there are enough Pink songs that enticed me to do this gig.

From small Leeds venue and Edwyn, to the MEN arena – that pretty much sums up how this Forty for Forty quest is going. Although, I was not really expecting anything unexpected with this one. Other than a strong wind, the drive over the M62 was easy, I half expected to be stuck in rush hour traffic, but that never transpired.

So parked up and fed, the arena beckoned. It’s a bit dated now, especially if compared with others I have been to. The outside has more of a large factory look, whilst the inside it full of bare concrete walls and little in the way of trimmings.

My vantage point was a but disconcerting at first, given that it was slightly behind the stage on the side. This gave the weird view of almost seeing the arena from how the artist sees it from stage. Not the worst, but I have certainly had better.

Now, I have mentioned about the unpredictability of my quest thus far, but even given what has gone before, I have to say that something happened that I have never, ever seen before at a gig. Let me explain – The stage was set up for the support act, but for whatever reason, there was an element of secrecy about it.

To this end, they draped a curtain around most of the stage and as the lights went down, the anticipation in the near packed arena grew. Sadly, that was to be as good as it got, because as the curtain was quickly taken up, the support acts drum kit went flying into the air.

One can only assume that the foot of the drum kit was accidentaly positioned over the bottom of the curtain. Every part of the drum kit flew to every part of the stage – a huge anticlimax for some, most amusing for me.

It took the road crew nearly 15 minutes to get the parts back together, tested and ready for the band, who then took the stage. Within the first few bars of the first song, it was clear that they were both out of their depth and of no interest to me – imagine One Direction high on Coca Cola and with musical instruments – terrible.

The fact they had got off the stage was the best part about them and we then waited patiently for the road crew to set the stage up for Pink. By now, the sell out crowd was in and buzzing – so much excitement in the room for Pink it was untrue. As a warm-up, she sent out a clown type character, who kept the crowd entertained with his antics – he was also to become a part of the show – a narrator if you will.

I had heard about her entrances on previous tours and was intrigued as to what she would do this time – she didn’t disappoint. As two men were hung upside down and over the stage on some dominatrix contraption, Pink was fired from under the stage, through a hole and into the air at speed. The men caught her and she proceeded to sing the first song in various mid air positions – most impressive.

As was her voice, the energy and the spectacular nature of the show – you couldn’t fail to get swept away with it and her. I have bemoaned the lack of charisma by previous singers I have seen, but she has it in bucket loads, and attitude as well – it made for a really good show.

The set list was dominated by her Truth about Love cd, but there were plenty of old stuff in there too, “Just like a pill”, “Trouble”, “Who Knew” and “So What” all featured, as did a very unexpected cover of Chris Isaaks “Wicked Game”. Added to her acrobatics, you just could not take your eyes off the girl.

Around midway through the show, Pink headed to the back of the stage and as she was climbing the stairs, she glanced over to where I was sat. I instinctively waved, not thinking too much about is and would you believe, she smiled and waved back – it was a moment – and even if she was waving at anyone else, I am claiming it!

She was on for nearly 2 hours and just when you thought that you had seen it all, her encounter iced the cake. Pink was in a harness and then flung around the arena as she sang her last track to each corner of the arena – it really looked as if she was flying – a really magical moment on a really magical night.

My only regret would be that I did not see her when she was at her wildest! So another show is ticked off the list, with a possible 2 shows this week, James in Leeds if I can get a ticket, followed by the unknown to me Fossil Collective that my Frenz Suzie challenged me to see- it’s only right and fair given I made her sit through Ethan Johns!

As you might have guessed, tonights music comes from Pink, this one is “It’s all your fault” – a very underrated song with powerful lyrics.


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