“Beautiful woman, get out of my head”…

Eels – Nottingham

With everything that happened these last few days, I never did get around to writing about my trip to Nottingham.

This was a mad, spur of the moment decision based on how good they were and how much I enjoyed seeing Eels in Leeds the week before and I was encouraged to go by a friend.

Ebay ticket purchased, I had the most amazing and chilled drive down. I was fearing the worst as the snow had hit Yorkshire pretty hard that day, but my fears were unfounded.

The roads were clear, I even managed a free parking spot too. The gig was at Rock City, a venue I had heard of, but never been to. So it was a nice surprise for it to be both easy to find and pretty cool inside.

Again, the crowd was diverse, no real age range, but some beautiful women and thankfully, no overly drunk people in sight this time.  Once again, the support acts were unchanged – albeit the first “Air Guitar” act was a different bloke, he still did the same thing.

The American female singer was next, I can’t recall her name and am being lazy, but her set was pretty much the same. Great vocals, some pretty cool lyrics and she seemed much more at ease with herself this time round.

However, it was the main act I was awaiting with anticipation and once again, they really did not disappoint – with one slight caveat that I will come to.

Now, it is clear that this band are so together and polished, not a beat mistimed, not a vocal or lyric out of place. They pretty much rocked Rock City for all it was worth. The set was mixed up a bit too, so from that perspective, I couldn’t complain.

They held the crowd in the palm of their hand, the music was so loud this time, it had my ears ringing, but it was one of thoses gigs you just do not want to end. Sadly, it did, though a tad longer than Leeds, including another suprise encore that caught out nearly 3 quarters of the crowd!

My only disappointment was the banter. Pretty much word for word from the Leeds gig. So much so, that it felt both rehearsed and staged, which is a real shame. I feel for any diehard who has travelled to more than a couple of gigs for that very reason.

I know that a few singers or bands do this and it is such a shame. I mean, come on guys, can you not fly by the seat of your pants and just take each gig as it comes – do you really have to stage manage every aspect – this is supposed to be a live gig for heavens sake, not a West End musical!

Yet musically, I find it difficult to fault them. The new songs stood the test of a second listen and some of the classic hits are really just timeless. I will catch them next time round, that’s for sure.

The trip back was significant for the call about dad. I was just south of Sheffield at the time, so sped to mums, before finally getting in around 3.30am. It was a long night. The funeral is on Friday.

Forty for Forty gig wise, I managed to get some PiNK tickets for Manchester in a fortnight. Another distraction to add to the list. Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not really a fan of female artists, but I do like quite a few of her songs. In particular the slower ones.

So, back to the Eels then and this one is today’s offering for this blog. This is the song I was playing as the call came about dad, so it now has added significance. This is Fresh Blood…

Enjoy, but beware the flashing lights…

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