“I don’t think it meant anything to you…”

If I am honest, I did have a little chuckle to myself  when I read my colleagues blog about internet issues. He had changed providers and that “simple” act had caused uproar in his household.

Fast forward a few weeks and the internet karma police caught up with me. It was only half a day, but those few hours with no internet access led to a similar drama played out on the home front.

The router wasn’t working, which meant no signal. In turn that meant no WIFI and wow, you don’t know what you have got till it’s gone. Shallow but true. How we have become to take the internet for granted and in so many different ways.

It was though, a perfect opportunity to remind Young Ollie that life did exist pre: internet.  He was amused at the thought and couldn’t comprehend. At 11 years old, the internet has been as much a constant in his life as food, heat, electric and running water.

Of course, Young Ollie is from an era that is so technologically advanced, its quite scary. He can not understand what we did with no internet. Similarly with no mobile phones, or even Sky TV. It makes me feel old just thinking about it, but around 2001 was the first time I even got a home PC.

And yet, I’m not even 40, so it’s not hard to see why people older than myself struggle to adapt to todays world. My parents have only just got a mobile phone and it’s the simplest of models that Young Ollie wouldn’t be seen dead with, even if given for free.

I never thought that I would be so reliant on technology – but honestly,  if I forget my iphone, I am lost without it. Just as I was pulling my hair out trying to get online the other day. But that pre: internet world existed.

There was a time whereby I had to reach for teletext or Ceefax for football scores. Or wait for the local evening paper for news of my beloved Leeds United. 24-7 sports news didn’t exist.

Well, that’s not strictly true, there was a “clubcall” premium phone line that I could ring if I was prepared to run up my parents phone bill. And frankly, if I was going to get blasted for that, I would have rung the XXX chatlines for less.

And we had no SKY tv – heck I can just about remember when Channel 4 was launched. Yes, I know, there are even crazy people out there who even tell you that TV didn’t exist at one point. Way before my time I hasten to add and Young Ollie can’t even begin to understand that one.

We never had mobile phones – it was the Red phone box and a pile of 2 pence coins if we wanted to contact people. Infact, even those calls were few and far between, because if we wanted to speak to someone, we went to their house and knocked on the door!

The world was a smaller place. It revolved around your community, your local park and the people in your neighbourhood. These days I am more likely to text someone in London for conversation rather than nip next door to the misery we live next to.

We advance & we adapt. As a species I suppose its why we are still here. Some would say its what sets us apart. I am not 100% sure that this way of living is totally better – but if I take off my rose colored specs, it has it’s definite advantages.

I just hope that Young Ollie can take advantage of the continued opportunities his life presents him. He is doing OK thus far, well, as long as he has WIFI!

What else could accompany a ramble on technology, but the sublime Gary Numans –  “Are friends Electric”


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