“Mirrors on the ceiling, the Pink champagne on ice…”

So another week rattles past.

A strange one in some ways, but I guess pretty routine in the grand scheme of things. It started with a unexpected but nice surprise. However, with the good there is balance and that meant I had to break my 21 day rule and try to start again.

For those of you who don’t know, my 21 day rule is an attempt to either break a habit, or fall into one. I firmly believe that if you can stop something for that amount of time, or do it, you will make or break it. That does require an immense amount of will power and that’s something I am sadly lacking in at the moment.

There was of course the speed awareness course and there was also a visit to my old man. Sat in his corner, the shadow of a man has been hit with a virus, meaning chemo cancelled for another week. I said to someone this week that I think I am as prepared as I can be for the end. The reply was an honest, “You can never be prepared”. Perhaps fooling myself is currently just the easiest path to take.

The week ended with a leaving do. It was a good night in the city, despite the snow. It gave me the opportunity to catch up with people, have a laugh and try forget real life. Part of that was the chance to stay in a hotel. People may think I am strange, but I love hotels.

Granted, I am not in a line of work that means I have to live out of a suitcase. If I was, I may change my mind! As it stands, they are still novelties. I find they are so much more than a place to rest your head and dump your stuff. Hotels are evocative, romantic, surrealistic, even sinister.

No matter the brand, no matter the name. From the old-fashioned steeped in history, to the new, sleek and modern. From the budget chain, to the expensive and high class, all have one thing in common. All have doorways to a story. Not just my story as I walk through my door into my room, but someone elses story in every other room too.

It’s a mini peak into peoples lives, but mostly all you have is that door. Sometimes, you have sight of the occupants, as I did on Friday. Sometimes you can only hear them. But for that period of time, strangers share the same space and create a story. It fascinates me to think of, or imagine what is going on in other rooms.

The family on a trip? The salesman in their 3rd hotel in 3 days? The groups on a night out? A secret agent on a mission? A kidnapper with his or her victim? The lovers hiding away from prying eyes? Who knows what goes on.

The night itself went rather well, until the Sambuca took hold. For someone who has various reasons for not drinking much in such a long time, a fuzzy head was quickly the result. The first of a few New Years resolutions was quickly shattered. I suppose they are not designed for anything else.

So, with thoughts still on the couple I saw on Friday night – half dressed and locked out of their room – there could really only be one song today and I dedicate it to them. The Eagles ~ “Hotel California” is quite possibly one of the most visually stunning songs ever written. The lyrics are vivid and take you on the writers journey. They also perhaps encapsulate what I like about hotels…


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