“Don’t forget me when you grow old…”

I hate losing.

It’s childish and a tad immature, but I just cant stand to lose at anything. I am by no means the “best” at things, but no matter what game I play, I just hate to lose.

I have this weird mentality whereby, even if I have never played a game before, I honestly want to and believe I can win. There is no easing in, no having a few “fun” sessions to get to grips with things, just give me the basics and it’s enough for me.

Of course, this inevitably leads to more defeats than victories and you would have thought that by now I would have learned, but not so. They do say that one of the signs of madness is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.

There is no point playing something “just for fun” and  this “taking part that counts” is just utter PC rubbish. As young Ollie has grown, I have thought it important that he understands this concept.- winning rather than madness that is.

That may not sit well with some people, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with encouraging a competitive spirit. Over the years, people have often commented to me that I should “let Ollie win” when playing games.

Be it Connect 4, Jenga, Chess, Football, Tennis, Monopoly, you name it, we have played it and young Ollie has lost out most of the time. I don’t go easy on him, he gets no favours from me.

Harsh? Perhaps, but you miss the point if you think that. When he wins or beats me at something, Young Ollie knows that he has done it himself and his skill, desire or ability has won the day.

Plus good fortune of course, it has to be said, the boy born on the unluckiest day of the year (Friday the 13th) has the most amount of good fortune in games than anyone I have ever seen.

What that has done, is see an ongoing battle grow as he gets older and wiser. He is always trying to out smart and out gun his old man and show that he is now the king of the castle.

At 11 years old, he is cocky, confident and has a mind that puts mine to shame. I love it, it is keeping me on my toes and keeping me young. However, the introduction of a PS3 at Christmas is on the verge of creating all out war.

FIFA13 the game and football the sport. He is light years ahead of me when it comes to technology, he knows all the moves, the tricks and the cheats. He insists on being world beating teams, where I stick to my plodding Leeds United side.

The games are best of 3 and go one way or the other, either I am beaten out of sight or just grimly hang on in there and steal a win in the last seconds. It’s frustrating, it’s hard work and due to the competitive tension between us, it’s not really fun.

But you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I lose, I sulk…He loses, he sulks… I love to see that in him. I think the time he just shrugs it off will be the time to worry.

My boy is his fathers son. I couldn’t be prouder. Everyday is getting better with him around. Everyday he does or says something that makes me smile. Even when I think he is being a little shit, I am reminded that he takes after me.

What more could a father want. Other than to figure out how to win more often.

Anyway, todays song choice today comes from Young Ollie himself. He loves Liam Finn and I have to say, I do too. I tended not to listen to Liams early stuff, simply because he was Neil Finns son.

Besides, this is a lad I have seen grow up around the tours I have followed his dad on. Liam also is responsible for nipping backstage in Leeds way back in 1995 to get his dad and uncle to sign my “Finn” tour T-shirt.

However, upon listening to firstly “I’ll be Lightning” then “FOMO” it quickly became apparent that the lad is a real talent and whilst he is his fathers son, he stands on his own and head and shoulders above many artists his age.

His live shows with his brother Elroy are fucking awesome too – if you get the chance, its money well spent.

This is the spellbinding “Second Chance”. Stick with it, it will blow you away!


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