“Who do you think you are…”

You may or may not have noticed that there is a distinct lack of female singers on my ramblings thus far. There is a good reason for that – mainly that there are very few that I like.

It’s not a sexist thing or that I have anything against female singers, its just that I have simply never found a female artist that has captured my attention for more than a song or two.

I suppose the biggest female singer of my era was Madonna. I remember the girls at school were mad – on – her (groan) – one girl even used to dress like her! I liked a few of her songs, but nothing more. Perhaps had I been a tad older and been able to see her in Leeds Roundhay Park, that may have been different.

The list of others is not extensive – Tori Amos around “Cornflake Girl”, Sheryl Crow in bits – she wrote a stunning song called “Home” that I will put up at somepoint. I also like Adele and Amy Winehouse in small doses.

I like a couple of Pink songs, Whitney has one song that takes me back to an 80’s school disco and there is one particular Christina Aguilera track I could listen to time and again.

It’s not a massive list and maybe I am missing out – I would be the first to admit there is certainly so much more to explore.

That said, every now and again I will get hit with one of those “WOW” flashes from a female singer and I will try explore the artist further. Recently, such a flash has occurred, though I have not yet scratched the surface to see if its a one off.

Given my tendency for downbeat, heart wrenching lyrics in the key of self pity and misery, this one ticks the right boxes and what an amazing, spellbinding performance.

Her name is Christina Perri and this is called “Jar of Hearts”.


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