“I really like Christmas, It’s sentimental, I know…”

Now, I am no Christmas scrooge. I love this time of the year, even now young Ollie has admitted to knowing that Santa is fake, I still get a buzz out of it. However, if I hear one more “Christmas” song in the next few days I think I will scream.

The last week or so the office mates have had the same tunes on the CD player, then the radio churning out the same stuff on heavy rotation. Then there was the Christmas party and you can throw in the same music on the TV, or playing in the background in the shops as we panic bought the last bits for tomorrow. Over and over again, the same dross gets pulled out every year.

The 70’s and early 80’s Christmas songs are held up as the definitive tracks to have on around this time. Why? Because they have been played so often, that they have become part of the culture. I bet Noddy Holder couldn’t believe his luck when, year after year, his gush was played again and again. Even when you could point to a song that was decent, like the Pogues “Fairytale of New York” repeated airplay has diminished it.

I don’t want to hear Mariah Carey at the best of times and self righteous Band Aid being rammed down my throat wore thin years ago. Yes, Wham’s “Last Christmas” is tolerable, but even George must be sick of that one. And even Lennon’s  message in “War is Over” got lost in the mix somehow. I won’t even get start on East fucking 17!

The problem is, the new stuff that comes out dressed up as Christmas tunes never stand a chance. Perhaps mainly because they too are poor efforts or misguided attempts at parody. However they also don’t get played often enough to counter balance the old stuff. Now I sound like a Grinch, but that’s not true. There are tracks I like, I just don’t want to hear them again and again and again!

Well, with one exception. It has to be said that this one by Ray Conniffs choir never fails to hit the spot – perhaps its not overly played, perhaps it’s the voices, perhaps its due to being a tad over 2 minutes long. Whichever way, it is the song that makes me think that Christmas is here:

Anyway, rant over! I would like to wish you and yours all the best for the festive season and hope all your Christmas wishes come true!
And as its Christmas, today gets 2 songs and Its only left for me to hand over to Tim Minchin and allow him to speak my feelings about this time of year more eloquently than I can – with the exception of the being able to be in the sun. Next year, I may well remedy that…

Have fun and stay safe in the world where you live…

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