“But forget it all, I know I will…”

So, we made it through. The end of the world didn’t happen, the doomsday prediction was incorrect , Armageddon no where to be seen and danger of any kind averted  – well, for now anyway.

It was interesting, as I spent some time this morning canvassing opinions and suggestions as to what people would do in the short time we could have had left. If we were told at say, 11am, that the world would end in 11 minutes, what would people do? It made for an interesting coffee break.

The overwhelming reaction was to try get home. Others said head for the pub, a couple said grab someone and head for the nearest storeroom for a last minute and I guess a rather unromantic rendezvous. The home suggestion intrigued me. It was as if there is some inbuilt tractor beam instinctively pulling us there.

Its a nice thought, but given the timeframe, the likelihood or the reality would have been to get stuck in traffic and die alone. The romantic notion that even if you made it back, could be shattered by the thought that the house could be as empty as you left it earlier that morning. Would that not depress you further before the time ran out?

The ironic would have been grabbing the rendezvous , only to find out it was a false alarm. So perhaps the better suggestion would be the pub, with the memory of seeing your loved ones off for the day being a more lasting memory to take into, well, wherever. And that was of course the next question – what happens when we die?

Of course, this could have gone on for a while and there was no hard and fast answer, how could there be – but there was a spectrum of beliefs. How do you pick the bones out of that one? What would be better – into blackness and nothing or reborn as a Rat? What would be worse, reborn as a Rat or reborn as a Rat with your memories intact, knowing that you once were Human, but are now a Rat?

Heaven would be nice, a place where you meet loved ones who have passed, but you can’t have good without the bad, the clean without the dirty – so what will Hell look like? – No one cared to speculate. No one really wants to think of it, which is understandable. I guess sweeping things under the carpet isn’t always the best way, but sometimes, not the worst.

Anyway, we live to fight another day and you live to hear another song. Nothing to do with the end of the world, but everything to do with the aforementioned rendezvous, this has been playing in the office this week on someone else’s CD and I had forgotten how good the song was. The song is by Squeeze and this is a great solo version by Glen Tilbrook.

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