“And then one day you find, Ten years have got behind you…”

As we dance our way through September, the 25th moves ever closer, meaning I will slip into my 39th year on this planet. “Tempus Fugit” as they say – or “Time Flees” to be accurate, but “Time Flies” is the more common term. Anyway, it means that I can now officially claim to be “nearly 40” and I can begin plans for a year long midlife crisis! I mean, that’s what your supposed to do right?

Even though its been suggested I had a practice run as I approached 30, but in reality that consisted of a list, some blonde hair dye (not a good look!) and a lot of memory erasing vodka and in all fairness, it possibly didn’t count!

So what’s a poor man supposed to do in such a significant year? And whats the right way to do it?  Do I lose it in the run up to being naughty 40 – or do I have to plan it and wait, then execute the fun and games in year I am actually 40? I assume no one really cares and either way, I deserve the right to choose whatever I deem right and proper. In my minds eye of course, it will be a riot! A no holds barred trip to Vegas, women on my arm, buy a sports car, lose the grey hair and perhaps buy a medallion – oh and one of those big gold bling signet rings!

Then there will be the bad boy behavior which will reach the tabloids and attract the likes of Rihanna or Pink, who would wanna hook up and I would, in fact, act out like a rock star till the early morning hours then wake up mid afternoon surrounded by a bevy of beautiful and naked women, not really knowing what the heck had gone on! Reality will, I am sure, be a tad more reserved. A trip is on the cards, hopefully it will be New York. Even then, that would be a cost driven and scaled down version of my long held dream to visit New Zealand which should really have marked my 40th…

Other than that, there is little I want or even need, so a trip to the North Yorkshire coast topped off with some Fish and Chips will probably end up being the sum total of the celebrations. I sometimes wonder how did it get to that? Where along my timeline did I stop being so materialistic and stop wanting to live life to the extreme? Did I ever in fact do that? Doing a bungee jump in my teens is the closest I would get to living on the edge and I have never lived like a rock star, nor really felt the need!

Sure, I have slipped up and made mistakes. Taken wrong turns in situations I should have known better in and  just done what seemed right at the time in others, even if hindsight disagreed. I guess the big question should now be “would I change the route that got me to nearly 40?” Yet I think perhaps an even bigger and more pressing question is “what you going to do now you’re here?” and that’s quite a challenging question, because I honestly struggle to find a suitable answer…

Not that I am panicking, as some of the most interesting people I know still don’t know what they are ultimately looking for in life. However, now is perhaps the time I should give more thought to matters in hand. Perhaps I should stop any looking back and lamenting or regretting, and start looking forward and figure out how to make the most of what I have got and work out how create new opportunities for myself and my family. After all, if I have learned one thing over the years, its that no one will do it for me…

Well, maybe I should, but there has to be some middle ground and that trip to Vegas sounds a heck of a lot of fun…

Food for thought, but moving on – in-keeping with today’s ramble comes a song from Pink Floyd – its call “Time” from the outstanding Dark Side of the Moon. This is an extended version, so stick with it and let the lyrics wash over you – they cut deeper than you first give them credit for. I was rather late in appreciating this band – but an old friend got me to listen and its easy to see just why they have endured for so very long…

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